Everybody educates.

In a very real sense, everybody on this planet is an educator. Teachers are primarily influencers and regardless of your career choice you can be assured that you are in some way a teacher. You teach your colleagues, family, neighbours. You teach those you have known for many years and those you meet for the briefest of moments. You teach both consciously and unconsciously, because every time you interact with somebody you teach them something about the world and something about themselves. Whether you educate for good or for bad is up to you, but you are an educator!

This is both encouraging and terrifying news. Encouraging because it means that you matter. You have influence and you are important, no matter who you are. Terrifying because you are responsible for what you teach others. It is often poor education that leads to poor decisions with often tragic consequences, but it is also great education that empowers even the most disadvantaged to live their lives to the absolute fullest. You may not be a teacher by trade, but you are just as much an educator as I am. Let’s do that job well!


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