42 uses for sticky tack!

42 Uses for sticky tack!

If you follow my Instagram account you’ll know that I have a few obsessions: teaching, running, food & stationery. I love marker pens, staple guns, sticky notes, binder clips – you name it, I’ve got it – and my poor husband is used to me making a detour to the stationery aisle of the supermarket every time we do our grocery shopping.

Although I love all kinds of stationery, there is one product that I hold very dear to my heart: sticky tack. Why? Because it has so many uses! It should be every teacher, parent and student’s best friend. Actually, it should be everyone’s best friend! Sticky tack has got your back! And don’t forget it doesn’t just come in blue and white. You can buy it in pink in the UK and it also exists in yellow, green, orange and red. Bostik, the original inventors of Blu-tack, apparently used to claim that it had thousands of uses. Well I can’t offer you that many, but here’s 42 uses for sticky tack that you won’t be able to do without. 

Attaching objects to walls:
Everyone knows that you can use sticky tack to fix posters, photos and signs to walls, but don’t forget that it’s strong stuff and will also hold lots of heavier items like:

  1. wires & string lights
  2. binder and bulldog clips (from which you can suspend other items)
  3. light-weight photo frames and canvases
  4. lanterns, pom poms, balloons and other wedding & birthday decorations
  5. small tools & utensils

Fixing items to your desk:
6. No more accidentally knocking things off cluttered desks
7. No landline phone sliding across the desk when you pull on the receiver
8. No searching for that stapler that always gets lost under files
9. No mouse mat moving with the mouse (do people still use those?)
10. No knocking over the pencil pot and wasting precious time picking up its contents!

A blob of sticky tack will keep all those items and more in place. If your desk gets full of junk as quickly as mine does you’ll appreciate this tip!

Immobilising other items that need to stay in place:
11. Art teachers or students: stop still-life objects from being knocked or moved in between lessons by sticking them in place using Blu-Tack.
12. Creative or DIY types: Use sticky tack on objects you are repairing or making so that the various parts stay in the right place while you glue or paint them.
13. Parents & teachers of young children: use a blob of sticky tack on the bottom of plates, bowls, paint pots, mugs, glasses and so on to prevent little hands from spilling the contents.
14. Ensure books, diaries & calendars always stay open on the right page or stick worksheets and other pieces of paper to tables for young children or children & adults who are not able to hold the paper in place themselves when writing.
15. Use instead of a paperweight when working outside or by an open window or door.
16. Secure loose mobile phone & sat nav holders to the dashboard or windscreen of a car.
17. Use a large blob of sticky tack as an impromptu adaptable mobile phone stand when you or your kids want to watch videos or play games on it.

Emergency cleaner:
18. Pet hair all over your furniture? Sticky tack.
19. Lint on your clothes? Sticky tack.
20. Dusty shelves or ornaments? Sticky tack.
21. Crumbs between the keys on your keyboard? Sticky tack.
22. Spilled glitter or makeup powder all over the carpet? Sticky tack.

You get the idea. Just pass a blob of it over the area in a wiping motion and it will do the job. It works best if you warm it up in your hands a bit first. You can also shape it into a point to remove dust and grime in hard-to-reach areas.

Never lose anything again:
Okay, I can’t promise that exactly! But if you are as absent-minded as me, sticky tack can help. Use it to fix:

  1. Board markers to whiteboards
  2. Keys to walls, desks or the inside of a drawer
  3. Money, including loose coins & notes, to the inside of a glove compartment for easy access on toll roads

And use it to help you retrieve objects that are difficult to see or pick up by hand when dropped:

  1. Beads & small craft-making items
  2. Earring backs
  3. Screws & nails
  4. Pins & needles

Keep your kids happy:

It may just be me that finds Blu-Tack super fun – so if so, I apologise! But here are some ideas teachers & parents might really appreciate. Sticky tack is insoluble, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.

Use Blu-Tack as:

  1. A fiddle or sensory toy for younger children, children & adults with disabilities, children with ADHD or who have difficulty concentrating and so on. As a teacher I have tried numerous expensive fiddle toys with my kids but a simple ball of sticky tack is always a favourite.
  2. In place of a stress ball for children & adults and as part of an anger management plan.
  3. As a replacement for Play-Doh or a legitimate alternative modelling medium. Just Google images of Blu-Tack and you will find countless examples of children & adults using it for artistic purposes.
  4. Modelling & practising shapes, numbers & letters.
  5. Making imprints of objects with interesting patterns like coins, keys, different types of pasta and so on. Kids could make the imprints or try to guess what object was used to make it.
  6. For colouring and drawing on – white sticky tack obviously works best for this. A flat sheet of it can make a good canvas for children to create an image then roll it up and start again. Lots of kids enjoy the sensation of colouring with a felt tip on squishy Blu-Tack.
  7. Teaching & practising colour mixing. Different colours of sticky tack can be mixed together like Play-Doh to create interesting patterns and colours. I’d be happy to post about how I turn white tack into any colour sticky tack I want so let me know if you’re interested!

Other uses:
37. Stop doors banging loudly by placing a strip of sticky tack in the recess at the top of the doorframe.
38. Block out annoying flashing or bright lights on electrical equipment like speakers and monitors, or use it to stop drafts getting through damaged or single-glazed windows.
39. Place a blob of sticky tack on the bottom of chair & table legs to correct wobbly furniture or protect flooring from furniture scrapes.
40. Use as an emergency eraser or in place of expensive fine art putty erasers. Some people swear by it!
41. Use as cheap, makeshift earplugs. Many people prefer sticky tack to shop-bought earplugs and scientific studies have even been conducted on it. I would check with a doctor first, though!

And finally…

  1. How do you remove traces of sticky tack from a surface? More sticky tack! Warm a ball of it in your hands a little bit and then rub it gently against the affected surface. It works a treat!

So there you have it. 42 must-know uses for sticky tack!

Let me know if you try any and how it works out for you! And if you know any other uses for this amazingly versatile product, leave a comment below so we can all see it.

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Happy sticky tacking!


7 thoughts on “42 uses for sticky tack!

  1. thanks for this article! I think i may have found a solution to a “no scotch tape, pins or damaging substances” venue. Is this similiar to blu tack? do you have a preference? I want something that holds streamers and twine or string so i can hang a banner and other stuff.


    • Hi Marissa,
      Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading!
      Yes, sticky tack is just the conventional, non-branded name for blu tack – though obviously different brands have slightly different qualities. I find white sticky tack/blu tack works really well and comes off more easily than the original blue coloured blu tack. It is also less likely to show up amidst decorations! You’d have to check with the venue though obviously.
      I have also heard that Command Hooks are great for the sort of situation you describe but I haven’t tried them myself.
      Good luck!



  2. A practical and discrete stand for your smart phone. Some time ago I bought a stand with sucking cups for smart phone/GPS but the phone slides from the stand. With blu tack I have no problem at all


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